Wednesday, 14 September 2011

may god bless any single person i ever know..

this week should be very busy week,many people come to my office get a form n submit their form,i can feel how people very well come with smile,such a very different lovely faces because they really need me to accept their form,who's in this world  didnt want life with their lovely person as they can stand for the rest of their life,may god bless and give them happiness.

while people come and go to my office,im not really care coz im not really know them as my i friend or any closed one,they just a customer,and its not a big deal,and i got my friend as well to be married soon,mybe just couple of weeks,and ive been inform by a card,im very surprise in 6year i just got only 1 invitation letter,in the past i got to many invite letter but not for wedding invitation,i love to go that wedding but im not quite sure i got a lot work to do since i got to handle to many program in my office,but i need to be free in 1st october and i try to get off for holiday as well,its not a very easy while handling a program and i cannot just leave,but im really despreate to leave,i hope my boss give me just a little bit off day..pls,pls..since i havent got holiday on hari raya as this time,i really need the chance.

the question is why i really want to go to the wedding?its quite unbelieveable,im not really like to attend wedding occasion,i dont know why i cant accept the air,but the answer its not because im jealous,but im not really comfortable when i step in the huge wedding place,i should stand 30m from wedding place,tats not because im shy,im not handsome or wut so ever,but this time i will answer it..the answer is ............oh no i forget the answer,i will tell it later,its not so important at all..

once upon a time,i got many friend and they are very very very lovely,im not repeat twice but thrice,some other are gentleman,and the other was ladies,im not interested to tell about gentleman,and i will say this time about ladies,in my past,so many ladies i knew,we talk each other,say hi,take care each other but since i back to malaysia,and this moment totally dissapeared,its quite frustrating,i dont know how this happen but i dont want this happen,i keep asking myself,did i do anything wrong or di i say anything i ever hurt the ladies,we just friend,why should we avoid each other,we need to be friend forever,this is not good,i know i got a ring as i engaged but its not reason u just walk away,avoid me,and not to be a friend,if u afraid my fiancee just scold or get angry,tell me i can explain as u r my precious lovely friend,now i got zero ladies friend..friend its not to be hurt because u afraid u will crushing the others relationship,but friend is more likely we need each other,we got a different ideas,different skill,we can xchange,learn,teach each other,its very useful,dont see one side only,i beg if u are my friend lets be a friend till the end of begging u..

i bet im very tired since every single day i got mybe a hundred customer keep coming to my office,and i need a good rest for tomorrow,may tomorrow god help me,my friend and every single person in this world,gud nite peeps and sweet dream..zzZzZz