Friday, 26 March 2010

How anguished my heart : واحـر قلبـاه

واحـر قلبـاه ممـن قلبـه شـبـم " " ومن بجسمي وحالـي عنـده سقـم
How anguished my heart is while his is cold" " A love that caused malady to my body and mind
ما لي أكتم حبا قـد بـرى جسـدي " " وتدعي حب سيـف الدولـة الأمـم
How do I hush up such a love that caused my body to fade" "whereas the hypocrites in their claim of his love lied
إن كـان يجمعنـا حــب لغـرتـه " " فليـت أنـا بقـدر الحـب نقتـسـم
If we all share the same love of his bright forehead " "i wish he would accordingly among us his gratitude divide
قد زرته و سيـوف الهنـد مغمـدة " " وقـد نظـرت إليـه و السيـوف دم
i witnessed his wisdom when his sword in its scabbard" "And his acts when swords were in blood immersed
فكـان أحسـن خـلـق الله كلـهـم " " وكان أحسن مافي الأحسـن الشيـم
in both cases he acted in the best manner ever a human would" "And he proved how good acts can be well-advised
فـوت العـدو الـذي يممتـه ظفـر " " في طيـه أسـف فـي طيـه نعـم
You missed the enemy that from you fled" "Partially bad that you missed and partially good that he survived
قد ناب عنك شديد الخوف واصطنعت " " لـك المهابـة مـالا تصنـع البهـم
The dread of you acted on your behalf instead" "Giving you the solemnity that even courage couldn't extend
ألزمت نفسك شيئـا ليـس يلزمهـا " "أن لا يواريهـم بـحـر و لا عـلـم
You obliged yourself to render them no place to hide " "A commitment by which a triumphant doesn't have to abide
أكلما رمـت جيشـا فانثنـى هربـا " " تصرفـت بـك فـي آثـاره الهمـم
Whenever you defeated an army that retreated and fled" "Your soldiers then followed and wiped out what remained
عليك هزمهـم فـي كـل معتـرك " " و ما عليك بهـم عـار إذا انهزمـوا
Your duty is to defeat them in every battlefield" "And you bear no shame if they your combat do avoid
أما ترى ظفرا حلـوا سـوى ظفـر" " تصافحت فيه بيـض الهنـدو اللمـم
Or is it for a remarkable victory that you look forward" "When heads from bodies by bright blades are disjoined
يا أعدل النـاس إلا فـي معاملتـي " " فيك الخصام و أنت الخصم والحكـم
You are the most fair to all except to my deed" "You are the opponent and the judge who my trial does preside
أعيذهـا نظـرات منـك صـادقـة " " أن تحسب الشحم فيمن شحمـه ورم
i deem it impossible that you make a true regard" "Mistaking the healthy body for that filled with tumoral wad
وما انتفـاع اخـي الدنيـا بناظـره " "إذا استوت عنـده الأنـوار و الظلـم
What use of man's sight can be made" "If he does alike view light and shade
سيعلم الجمع ممـن ضـم مجلسنـا " " بانني خيـر مـن تسعـى بـه قـدم
All those whom our assembly did include" "Will realize that i am the best ever a foot would guide

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