Sunday, 4 April 2010

be the miracle..?

Like everybody else, I'm in this journey of discovery and learning. Most days I think I "get it" and I am on my path to perfect visualization and manifestation, other days I'm struggling with a broken connection with the universe.

On those days I have found that trying to change from a negative pattern to a positive one is hard work, because our mind/ego is busy playing games. So I decided to "be the miracle" for someone else on those days. Nothing makes me feel better than the smile of gratitude on someone else's face: a relative, a loved one, a stranger.

So those days I try to be alert and identify someone that needs help: it can be a smile, it can be a gentle greeting, it can be money, or it can be time for listening. I become the answer, a humble and simple one.

So that day I was down, low energy, could not feel well, hence could not work on creating my miracles, but I was able to be the answer for someone else. I was happy on my "coffee-less" walk back by thinking that for some reason, in some beautiful and intertwined way, someone was visualizing the money and need for feeling good and I was at that point the channel.

Nothing fancy, not changing the world, just making a small impact on someone. Being the answer rather than the question...

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