Wednesday, 7 April 2010

care less about more about myself..kakaka~~

these day i got a lot of pressure that anyone can through out my i pulled out everything inside to let every single one who knew me to discuss is it the problem is come from them or me..let it be,just try make sure the situation will be okey,n no problem will causes any suffer again n again..mybe situation make my friend have their own reason to change,u do a lot stuff u have learn much about life,then i wouldnt let my mouth open..u can think..u can grow fast,ill be a sign to let yurself move..mybe this time u owe me,but..its ok,as long as u can make it..everything will be fine..sometimes ill turn very bad person..but im not the 1 to let myself really bad if i know u should get yurself change,everything inside or outside this all about yurself,if u want abandone it as u like,ill dissapear without any sense or any sign front of u..but keep thinking,ull see i made this decision what i up to..not today,but the time will let u know..

once ive a very good relationship with my friend,a girl,i really care about her,i want to hear every single problem toward her,and i made a lot of laughing,we share everything n have a fun together...but god very powerful to let this relationship goes not very well,or we call a faith..n turning a fighting situation..we just made a very rough decision which is an ego playing within us..i just blame myself..its my fault..not her,i should xplain wut ive thinking...n same goes to ill know is it a miscomunication or i the only one who wrong..the most poblem is..she never negotiate with me,every single i try to reach her,she never give a respon..even a single hi..i think i should take a step to move myself,i try very hard as i can..but seems the same goes to me,havent good respond..i should walk away...n let her go..i think this is my last going to pray she have a good life..n whenever she really need me..find me,we talk like we know each other like before,even i know its like a dream..never come true..

last sunday i got a call from my mom,n want me back to msia as soon as possible,she want me very afraid i cant step out my studies until ive finish it all..n i got a plan without tell my mom where i intend to after i finish my degree...i think if i do tell her..hundred perc
ent "no" she will never let me,the best way is keep it secret..until the time i think very fine to tell..ill let her come 1st,i should think it very i can make it very well...pls god give me something..pls2..

enough is enough..tmrrow is my big day,i want head is most full like want xplode,a lot stuff to keep let it go,n walk like i got nothing to worry..tats really fine for me..nite n sweet dream..

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  1. care to my self n my good friend hehe wink2x