Friday, 28 May 2010

just an ordinary person !

hari ni luang kn masa melayan cite adam maya...rmai yg layan kan je...boring2 x de keje nk wat..layan je r cite ni....mule mcm bosan..tpi oke la ! da lame x bosan chatting r..i got 1 person stranger add me..n its a girl,so i give him a couple of answer...n she's know me very well..from my friend..but i dont know her..i was joking with my answer n she totally answer me a different side..she's look angry n said: "u r so different like i heard from the others..u should be a very good man as i heard n bla23x....",a bit shocked when she's just come a very huge reaction..i ddint mean it..i just joking..but now,i know wut people r thinking about me...when tat girl just say to me im in different side..i was asked her wut she's really know about me..then she tell me everything in emo situation..she's very gud girl n im absolutely cant handle myself from laughing..she's so young,n cant step off from an emo i very bad person if i just give a single question?then i just try to calm her back,i dont blame her..wut i want she's learn not to judge person very soon..if she's calm n think well..she's not throw herself in emotional situation...i think she's period,n i just come n make her angry..haha..wut a shame !

mungkin ada cerita silam aku,yg membuat kan org berkata aku ini dan itu..but im just an ordinary person...suke melawak,dan gila2 siket..dan kalau ada org mengatakan aku baik,bagus dan nampak segala keburukan aku yg diorg x pernah nampak..they can judge wutever they want..n i dont care,tapi jgn la meletakkan agakan yg melampau..mesti bole membezakan perkara negatif dan positif jika menggunakan akal dengan baik..xsmua manusia tu sempurna,but in this life people gain to help each other not to blame.. give a chance,give a hand..n try not to blame...we learn n we know how to face a life !

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