Monday, 10 May 2010

provokasi semata

akhirnya..lepas da 2nd last 2 weeks to go,and couple of month should be done for everything..dunno where the next step must to step,everything out of my mind,flight should be book at least 2month before,so the price must be cheap,but im not ready to go..i still want to step heatrow after finish this sem,but im afraid its just a dream..still have a hope,but its fine for me if i cant go...becoming 2 weeks i still havent any gud plan for my life,past 4 years i got a lot of stuff i didnt think i can get,but this time i just sit and not going anywhere,mybe this is chance i just hold myself rest,keep away thinking about anyone else,walking like nothing to worries like and last couple of day,i got a result for my 2nd exam,even i havent chance to get full mark..tats more than enough,i got plenty time to read a lot book,this head like a tin of sardine,keep a lot stuff of reading stuff,and my eyes looks red every single day,a bit funny when anyone saw me and say i should get a rest,my face look tired,but im not in the mood for sleep,i rather keep reading then fail,i dont want my mom just keep remind me about not to fail,again..and again,how shame i am,sometime feels like useless..but this time,no worries about it,i just keep my eyes on my book,tats enough ! may god give me a gud way for pass my final..i just want pass..tats all..thanks god.

once people grow,they lack many stuff to find smething tat they want the most,i dont know how wut i want the most,but this age,im not sure i got a lot stuff and ive study well,and i think im not step inside a trouble,every single i ever met have teach me a different kind of life,even im not sure i just involve in fighting,and do much trouble and mistake,this selfishness in bottom of my heart always caught much trouble,if i can just stand for 1 minute and think before i do,i shouldnt be a troublemaker,but i just ordinary person,i cant keep myself avoid those things,and this life is about a challenge.

how much i care and want the person change,i cant always give a good care,give a good spirit if the person wont change it by himself,there is nothing to do with me,im not good as they think,and the most thing is im not god can change everything,i just can give a step to move forward,if i do a advise many time,i cant change a faith,tats imposibble to me,how hard u feel in this life,took granted for tat,and they got a plenty time to change and how to face a life,step by step teach how to stand,and if i can get involve,i just can give the best step,tats all the best things i can..nothing much,wether life get success whether not,its all about yurself,u deserved wut uve stuff its much pain huh?love how life when we deserved lose everything,but tat stuff give an intro to feel much better in life..tats how love change personal attitude,god knows wut people not good at life,tats call a love punishment...

hari berganti hari..dan aku terus berjalan seperti biasa,senyuman hanya pelengkap hari2 utk lebih gah meniti hari mendatang...kau dan aku,saling bergantungan,ingatkan aku jika ada kesalahan yg aku titipkan dihari2 ku..segalanya pasti berubah..menjadi hari2 indah..

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