Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I'm No Better.

I’m no better
Than those ridiculous white lines
All over the roads, passed, ignored, blinked
You can always pass them, never look back
I’m no better
See through, you can always get through
Not solid like the yellow lines,
Not forever like the road
Just ridiculous white lines, spread out across the world
Forgotten in the evening, after but a second has passed
Just little annoying dots in your field of vision
Nothing important
I’m no better
Close your windows, turn on the radio
The road is fading so
There’s no reason to pay attention to the past
To the white lines you left way back
I’m but a white line, white lines, all from long ago
I’m no better
Blink once and I’m missed
I’m no better
And the worst part is
You know it.

I don’t have any more words to explain this. A coma is a terrible thing and I hope I’ll never be able to understand it completely. In some ways, I fear a coma is worse than death. It’s the hope that makes it more unbearable. But you shouldn’t listen to me. I don’t really know.

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